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The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual

Price: 75.00 USD
The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual offers everything you need to know about how to raise healthy butterflies. A must for everyone from absolute beginner to fully operational commercial breeder, the Professional Butterfly Farming Manual has it all. Written by acknowledged top butterfly expert Nigel Venters and experienced commercial breeder Linda Rogers, with input from guest authors who are expert in their own areas, this comprehensive manual will assist you as you raise your butterflies or grow your business. Available in downloadable eBook form (PDF) suitable for keeping on your electronic device for instant access, or printing out to store in a binder of your choice.


The Butterfly Flight House

Price: 25.00 
Design and construction of an efficient flight house - for all levels of interest from hobbyist to large-scale commercial butterfly breeding facilities. This 40+ page ebook, filled with color photos and detailed descriptions, was written by Nigel as the basis for the week-long online Butterfly Flight House workshop. It covers the design and construction of an efficient butterfly flight house and is aimed to cover all levels of interest, from the hobbyists to large scale Commercial breeders. The ebook examines the requirements needed for small, medium and large scale production levels, to facilitate the design of an effective flight-house for all levels of interest.


Advanced Butterfly Raising - Part I

Price: 45.00 USD for Part I and II
Control Techniques & Methods to Ramp Up Production Raising High Numbers in Limited Space - The Three Ways to Best Raise the Species Part I gives a very badly needed review of diseases and parasitoids, what they are, how they enter our breeding operations and how to eradicate/prevent them. Part I gives complete information on the THREE very best ways to raise butterflies - depending on the species you are raising. Nigel thoroughly reviews two methods and has some "twists" on them as he continually improves ways to raise better butterflies, more efficiently and in higher numbers! This is amazing stuff! The Pop Up Method, the Sleeving Method and the newly developed and tested Styrene Box Method are explained from A to Z, with photos and video's for the details. You won't want to miss learning the new methods or not get the nuggets that are all through the article. Learn how to raise more butterflies with the least amount of work, space and equipment! Eliminate disease, raise your output and reduce your labor with tested and proven methods. Taught by world-renowned butterfly raising expert, Nigel Venters (testing and using his efficient methods to reach monthly, commercial output of up to 9500 healthy, vibrant butterflies per month)! Part I includes an overview of aeroponic growing systems available for rapid growth of host plants to feed your larvae, including Judi Sunshine's aeroponics system.


Advanced Butterfly Raising Part II: Max Monarchs R

Part II: Maximum Monarchs - Romping Mode Production! Overwintering Start-up Styrene Box Method Sterilizing the Life Stages Storage for Long Life Tested, new methods and techniques to raise high numbers of disease-free, O.e.-free Monarchs. • Eight-Week old, fresh, vibrant Monarchs??!! • Milkweed Vines for O.e.-free Monarchs??! • Using Milton's Solution on Eggs and Larvae, too??!! • Reduce your lifecycle raising time by as much as 50%??!! Overwintering Monarchs, the process in detail, starting up a new season with strong genetic stock. Review of the overwintering process, with specific instruction on how to incorporate this technique into your raising, especially for clean startups each year with Monarchs. Using specialty lights and heat units to control emergence and reduce the lifecycle development time by as much as 50%. Special holding techniques to extend Monarch/butterfly life as long as six to eight weeks with detailed instruction for temperatures, chillers, thermostats and feeding methods. The Styrene Box Method for raising Monarchs, incorporating the heat strips/pads for "Romping Mode Monarchs!" Eliminate cripples with special pinning methods for Monarch and speed emergence. Using Milton's Solution for sterilizing the lifecycle stages. Part II also includes a bonus paper by Melanie McCarthy and Terry Terbush, on Monarch Eggs & Egg Sterilization. This article presents techniques and recipe for washing and sterilizing Monarch eggs, to eradicate O.e. infection at the very beginning of the lifecycle and raising process. (Recipe updated for use with stronger bleach products introduced to the market place in 2013.)


Maximum Monarchs & More

Price: 45.00 USD
MAXIMUM MONARCHSA new, tested and proven method to successfully breed Monarchs in large numbers without disease AND take much of thehard work out of this process, regardless of your climate or location! The innovative technique will greatly decrease your number of work hours. OTHER EFFECTIVE BREEDING OPTIONS & NOTES Reviewing the use of cages, totes, netting,parasitoid prevention, Diseases / sterilization - the pros and cons of different set-ups in different regions.Nigel explains how to manage plants and plant pests; the use of systemic and non-systemic pesticides; and natural and/or chemical fertilizers. MONARCHS – ADDITIONAL TOPICS Migratory and non-migratory Monarchs and their different behaviors. Refrigerator or cooler: how to use these options successfully at all lifecycle stages. Methods for holding/keeping fresh adults to ship according to your schedule Force-feeding Monarchs, in detail BREEDING OTHER SPECIES PART ONE: Swallowtails PART ONE BONUS: Swallowtail Host Plants PART TWO: Painted Ladies and Red Admirals PART THREE: Mourning Cloaks THE FLIGHT HOUSE Overview of options and choosing what’s right for you, your region and operation.


The Painted Lady and Longwing Butterflies

Price: 45.00 USD
Set of Four ebooks by: Nigel Venters with additional material by Melanie McCarthy, Dean Kirkwood and Linda Rogers. Painted Ladies*, Vanessas Red Admirals Heliconida: Gulf Fritillary Julia Dryas Zebra Longwing Postman Longwing * Painted Lady Butterflies (Vanessa species, sub-species Cynthia: cardui, virginiensis, annabella.. and even the Australian/New Zealand kershawi)

Let's Raise Swallowtails Part I and Part II

Price: 45.00 USD
Let's Raise Swallowtails! Parts I & II Let's Raise Swallowtails! (Part One)Online Workshop Set of Eight ebooks by Nigel Venters The eight ebooks illustrating every subject in this on-line Workshop are now available for purchase as a complete set. Each ebook focuses entirely on the subject heading. The ebooks are very comprehensive, and the combined document is over 90 pages. The ebooks have color photos and are supplied in .pdf format, either as one complete file or as eight separate ebooks. The eight ebooks in Let's Raise Swallowtails Part One are: Swallowtails - their habits, and locating suitable areas to collect livestock. Simple to breed species, to start off your breeding programme. Pairing Techniques, hand-pairing versus natural pairings. Host-plants, how to choose what to use. Getting the females to lay eggs. Eggs, larvae and pupae handling. Avoiding parasites and disease. The individual species in detail, and this will includes notes on breeding the following Swallowtail species: USA – All the Swallowtail species known from the US. Europe – All the Swallowtail species known from Europe. Australia– All the Swallowtail species known from Australia. The Far East – Many species from the Far East, however, this will not be so comprehensive as there are so many species there! Africa - Many species from Africa, however, this will not be so comprehensive as there are so many species there! Central &South America– Many species from Central & South America, however, this will not be so comprehensive as there are so many species there! Species covered: (Fennel; Rue; "citrus" family; and Aristolochia Feeders) Black Swallowtail Anise Swallowtail Giant Swallowtail Desert Swallowtail Papilio machaon P. hospiton Parnassius Zerynthia Archon Pipevine Polydamas ...plus other Aristolochia feeding species from around the world. Let's Raise Swallowtails! (Part Two)Online Workshop Set of Eight ebooks by Nigel Venters The eight ebooks illustrating every subject in this on-line Workshop are now available for purchase as a complete set. Each ebook focuses entirely on the subject heading. The ebooks are very comprehensive, and the combined document is over 90 pages. The ebooks have color photos and are supplied in .pdf format, either as one complete file or as eight separate ebooks. Some new notes on breeding the Carrot family feeding Swallowtails on Artificial Diet Success with some of the more difficult Swallowtail species to breed Temperature experiments Larvae and Pupae, overwintering, forcing and coordinated emergence Hybridization techniques Mimicry Avoiding Parasites & disease Notes on breeding the individual Swallowtail species (divided by country or region). Species covered include: (Laurel, Deciduous Trees and other hostplant feeders) Tigers Parides Birdwings (Ornithoptera)


Professional Butterfly Education Presentations

Price: 25.00 USD
How to Give Professional Butterfly Education Presentations Part I by Grace Venters of Graceful Butterflies Part II by Lori Stralow Harris of Saltcreek Butterfly Farm. Learn how to plan, promote and give Professional Butterfly Education Presentations to increase your income! Some folk have found this so rewarding that they've made it their main business. Others add presentations onto their butterfly farming activities or add it as a part-time, income producer. Geared towards the exhibit professionals as they work with people touring their butterfly houses, to enchant special groups. Includes great bonus handouts to use in your business, games, crafts, posters, diagrams… to get you started or to add to what you are already doing! What You Will Learn How to plan exciting, funny, fascinating and educational presentations for schools, exhibit attendees, senior centers, special groups that will keep you popular and booked up way in advance! Games, lifecycle props, costumes, interactive fun and hand-outs will be covered. Let two pro's show you how, what works, keeping your audience captivated and giving a quality learning experience! Part I: How to promote your Professional Butterfly Educational Presentations Newsletter/ How to introduce yourself and your Butterfly Education Presentations Description and Aims of the Presentations How to deliver your Presentations PowerPoint for your Programs Dressing up for Presentations Games to Play and Learn Crafts - Special Fun for Participants Part II Lori Harris, Saltcreek Butterfly Farm: Vocabulary across disciplines: Art, Nature, Science, Spirituality Art and Nature intertwined Creative Process: Look, Decipher, Interpret, Evaluate 1. The right project for the right group: Flutter Tales Story Hour, 3-5 year olds Independent Readers Library Program, 6-10 yr olds Art in Nature Camp Sessions, 6-12 yr olds 2. Don’t limit yourself – Collaborate with specialists Special needs Grief counseling Senior citizens 3. Classroom management tips 4. Games 5. Marketing Bonus Items: Our Environment - by Grace Venters [PDF] Magical Wings [PDF] Life-size Local Butterfly Guide (Make Laminated Butterfly Sticks!) [PDF] How to make a Floral Butterfly Cage [JPG] Butterfly Maze Handout [JPG] Old World Swallowtail Butterfly Maze - Easy & Hard versions, with solutions [JPG] School Presentations [video] Plantable Butterflies [video] Paper butterflies made of recycle paper, containing seeds [video] Butterflies for Little Ones [PDF] Seed Bombs [PDF]