Read all about how to raise butterflies for profit!

Professional Butterfly Farming – With Nigel Venters

 The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual comprises the 600+ pages of articles from the Professional Butterfly Farming Workshop.

Over 600 pages of text instruction, photos, drawings – from beginner to advanced level learning to start or expand your butterfly raising business!  Learn how to raise butterflies profitably; build and maintain a flight house; give professional butterfly education presentations and more!  Nigel Venters is the author and he is a world-renowned butterfly raising expert.  The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual also includes special articles from world-wide experts.  The topics are listed below.

The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual is provided in downloadable articles you can print out and put into a binder.  Or, you may wish to have a print shop do this for you!  You will have the files on your computer, also – to access on screen.

The Professional Butterfly Farming Manual

 1.  The Business of Butterfly Farming – The Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is Butterfly Farming?
  • Who Buys Butterflies?  Is It Profitable?
  • How Do Butterflies Grow, And How Are They Raised In Captivity?
  • Small-Scale, At-Home Butterfly Raising Business
  • Medium-Scale Commercial Butterfly Farms
  • Large-Scale Commercial Butterfly Farms
  • Getting Started – Frequently Asked Questions
  • What Knowledge Do I Need To Successfully Raise Butterflies?
  • What Knowledge Do I Need To Run The Business End?
  • How Are Butterflies Advertised And Sold?
  • What About The Competition?
  • What Personality Traits Make For A Successful Butterfly Farmer?
  • What Do I Need To Start Up A Butterfly Farm?
  • What Are The Pitfalls And Problems Associated With New Start-Ups?
  • A Day In The Life Of A Butterfly Breeder

2.  The Setup and Equipment – Getting Started

  • Equipment and Cages
  • The Simple Flight House and Enclosures

3.  The Livestock and Production Processes

  • Overview Of The Lifecycle And Raising Process
  • Larval Host Plants And Feeding Adults
  • Obtaining Livestock For Start-up
  • Pairing Butterflies
  • Eggs, Larvae And Pupae
  • Raising Healthy, Disease and Parasitoid-Free Butterflies
  • Monarchs and O.e. Parasites – a Scientist’s View - by Dr. Sonia Altizer
  • Egg Collection and Egg Wash for O.e. Prevention – Melanie McCarthy
  • O.e. Solution and Directions – Jacob Groth
  • Disease and Parasitoid Prevention (Including O.e.) – Nigel Venters
  • Pests and How to Deal With Them
  • E-Z Painted Lady - Start Up Small and Try out Butterfly Farming

4.  (Business) Articles Include:

  • Permits & Regulatory Agencies
  • Preparation, packaging & shipping
  • Shipping Orders, Containers, Instruction & Customer Care
  • Working with Wedding Consultants and Funeral Directors
  • Raising Kits for Schools & Groups
  • Butterfly Education Presentations with Grace Venters
  • Butterfly Education Presentations – With Kathleen Ziemer, Zane Greathouse and Todd Stout
  • Mobile Exhibits – With: Fran LeMasters, David Folk, David Bohlken, and Zane Greathouse
  • Butterfly Exhibits – With Nigel Venters, Dave Clermont, Ellen Reid, and Jacqui Knight
  • Building Your Butterfly Business: Merchandise, Advertising, Professional Association Membership

5.  (Raising & Production) Articles Include:

  • The Advanced Flight House
  • Maximum Monarchs – Part I
  • Maximum Monarchs – Part II
  • Rapid Growth Systems for Milkweed and Host Plants – Aeroponics (With Judi Sunshine) and Hydro-U Hydroponic Systems
  • The Vanessas
  • The Longwings
  • Breeding Painted Ladies, Red Admirals and the Longwings
  • Raising Painted Lady Butterflies on Artificial Diet
  • Swallowtails - Raising in Pop Ups and in Sleeves
  • Mourning Cloaks
  • Managing Production Levels to Fill Orders
  • Regulating Livestock and Temperature Controls
  • Successful Breeding Techniques
  • Holding Technique Using Refrigeration – With Jacob Groth
  • How to Make Compost
  • Temperature-Induced Aberrations and A Simple Guide to Genetic Health and Natural Aberrations

Monarchs from Nigel Venters “Max Monarchs Part II”
- Disease free, huge, and healthy!